Frequently Asked Questions

What is the editing lead time?

Editing Lead Time

  1. Weddings: The standard editing time for weddings by Meraci Photography is 8-10 weeks from the date of the wedding. 

  2. Lifestyle Photoshoots: 2 - 4 weeks from the date of the shoot, dependent on seasonal demand. 

  3. Meraci Photography will communicate when the photography preview will be available. 

What is a Booking Fee? 

Booking Fee

A "Booking Fee" is the non-refundable fee payable to book your wedding, event or photoshoot. The fee is payable before the booking is made and guarantee that your date is booked out for you. Meraci photography will not take any weddings for the same date and it is thus very important that you are sure of your date. 

Covid-19: In the case of  and only in extreme circumstances like Covid-19 or a natural disaster Meraci Photography will allow the couple to move their date to ANY AVAILABLE DATE Meraci Photography has available. 

Will Meraci issue "RAW"/ Unedited photos?



Unfortunately Not. 

Like a baker who only lets a beautifully decorated cake leave the cake studio, Meraci Photography only allows beautifully edited photos to leave the editing room. 

My work is my pride and joy - that is why we only issue edited photos to clients. 

Do you help the couple with a wedding schedule? 

Wedding Schedule

Yes, I do! ​

A wedding schedule helps clients to structure their wedding day and it really does help with spontaneous moments when you know that your day is running according to schedule. The more structured our planning. The more relaxed you will be on the day of your wedding.