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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Make-up for the Karoo Elopement was done by Ronel le Roux | hello@ronelleroux.com

/ F a s h i o n m e e t s // F l o w e r s

‘After women, flowers are the most divine creations.’ - Christian Dior

R O N E L & C H A N E |

The Concept, Flowers and Make-up

This editorial shoot celebrates the power of the creatives. When MUA and stylist Ronel le Roux teams up with floral designer Chane Moffat - a beautiful adventure awaits... Long-term best friends and visionaries in their respective traits expressed their fresh looks for the new season, from hair and makeup - to alternative floral design trends

E C O K A R O O L O D G E |

The Canvas

The beautiful simplistic backdrop of the Eco Karoo Lodge was the perfect canvas to create beauty with flowers and fashion. The owner, Estee, is known for her flawless taste.

C A S P E R B O S M A N |

The Fashion

Of course Casper Bosman's creations was the perfect fashion to combine with BLOM's simplistic creations. His eye for beautiful fabrics and his perfect understanding of the female form results in fashion perfection.

M E R A C I |

The Picture

With a keen eye for beauty Meraci's focus is to capture raw beauty. To capture the story and portray the essence of something. To capture what is not seen, but felt. The intangible quality of emotive photography.


Florist: Blom Weddings Online - info@blomonline.co.za

Venue: Eco Karoo Lodge - stay@ecokaroo.com

Make-up and styling: Ronel le Roux - hello@ronelleroux.com

Attire: Casper Bosman - info@casperdesignerwear.co

Photography: Meraci Photography - info@meraciphotography.co.za

All the photos are taken by Meraci Photography. Remember to visit the website regularly to read more insightful blog posts. An informed bride is a happy bride. The website also lists the wedding photography packages available.

For more information regarding photography contact Carine on:


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