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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

// Eco Karoo Lodge:

The Karoo offers majestic scenery unlike anywhere else on earth - spectacular sunrises, endless horizons, surreal silence and the crisp, distinctive smell of Karoo vegetation. The philosophy with the Eco Karoo Lodge design was to embrace all of this.

Every space, from bedrooms and bathrooms to the living room and kitchen, opens outdoors. All rooms face east over the same plains where theres nothing quite like watching the sun paint the sky in shades of pink and orange as it kisses the Moon goodnight.

Taking over from dad Albertus in the early 2000’s, the two Viljoen brothers embraced what this unique landscape has to offer. They’ve diversified from mainly Dohne merino farming, to include cattle, cotton, potatoes and hunting. Embracing the Karoo, where the skies, the stars, the mountains and the plains all meet, the EcoKaroo Lodge was a natural extension to this farm with its 4200 hectares of unmatched beauty and tranquillity.

Eco Karoo Lodge is an ideal site for star gazing, mountain climbing, nature trail walking or cycling, bird watching or hunting. It’s a place where you can experience the universe and even yourself a little bit differently.

From a Meraci Perspective:

What I absolute LOVE about the Eco Karoo Lodge:

1. The setting, the landscape is authentic Karoo.

My gran lived in Cradock in the Klein Karoo and the terrain of the Eco Karoo Lodge is similar to what I grew up with. The expansive landscapes stops abruptly at the mountains. The Eco Karoo Lodge is at the foot of such a mountain and there are lovely trails up to the most breathtaking views. These trails are marked for your convenience.

2. Thoughtful Architecture.

Having done some brief architectural studies, I am familiar with the clean modern style of the EKL buildings. The designs make the most of the landscape it was built on and inside/outside living is fantastic. I absolutely love the outside kitchen/dining space. (Pictured above)

3. Minimalist Interior.

The minimalist interior speaks to my minimalist soul. (Just look at the lovely coffee table in the living room. ) The design makes you feel welcome and cosy, but is also minimalist enough to fit in with many design preferences.

4. The great escape.

Even though there is wifi available, there is nothing else but rest and relaxation. Escape from your hectic city life in this serene Karoo setting.

5. Swimming pool with a view.

Amazing pool with a stunning view. Definitely Instagram-worthy setting.

6. Pooch allowed.

Well, if you know me, you will know from my Instagram that I have two lovely Yorkie pooches. My husband and I regularly dine with our dogs at trendy dog-friendly spots, but have not come across many lodges that allow dogs. I am very happy to report that Eco Karoo Lodge is also dog-friendly (to smaller breeds).

Pictured above is Heidi (left) and Koos (right). They will be visiting the Eco Karoo Lodge for the first time very soon.

The Eco Karoo Lodge is the PERFECT ELOPEMENT VENUE. The communal entertainment space is PERFECT to entertain 12 of your loved ones.

What will be in your travel bag when you visit Eco Karoo Lodge:

1. Insect repellent. Being in the lovely outdoors sometimes call for some insect reinforcement. :)

2. Food. If you visit the lodge, remember to bring your own food. :)

3. Swimwear.

4. Hiking boots.

5. Camera for those amazing views.

6. A good book.

How to get there:

From Bloemfontein, turn left into Luckhoff, Drive straight through town, you'll get to a gravel road (the roads name is S129) go straight on this road for 5km's.

At the T-junctions, turn right onto S132 - drive 6km's on the S132.

You'll see a Gabion wall with our Farms name on the right (Knoffelfontein) (Road S560) turn right there.

Drive straight for aprox. 8km's , you'll see another Gabion on your left for the lodge - turn right there, and just follow the road right up to the lodge.

Contact Eco Karoo Lodge:

Email: stay@ecokaroo.com

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