Humans need humans

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

There is poetry to be found in the expression of emotion towards those whom we love. We kiss relatives we have not seen in a while. We hug our friends when we are glad, when we are sad we comfort each other, when we win we cheer and even when we lose we support one another. Humans need humans. We need each other. To bear witness to each other's lives. The current times we live in has shown us the tremendous worth of true social interaction. Unfortunately social media cannot fill the void we are currently experiencing. We cannot substitute intimate moments with instant messages...

One of my favourite aspects of photography is raw emotion. Nothing is better than seeing a father cry when he sees his little girl in her wedding dress. A grown man weeps tears of joy and appreciation towards his bride. Who can ever deny that these moments are probably the most important moments captured on the day of any wedding?

Expert Photography Tip:

I would advise any bride that her father only see her in her dress the day of the wedding. It is such a lovely moment shared and a great moment to capture.

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