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In the Van Zyl household we enjoy restful Sundays, we either attend Church or stream it from home and then we braai. My speciality is colourful happy salads. I made this one a few years ago at a friend's house.


Floral Fun Salad:

What you will need for the salad: (all the products will be available at Woolies online)

1. Edible Flowers 10g / Edible Exotic Flowers (either is fine)

2. Fresh Wild Rocket 30g

3. Pick & Mix Solo Leaf Iceberg Lettuce 130g

4. Sea Salt & Black Pepper Croutons 60g

5. Radish 150g

6. Piccolini Cherry Tomatoes 200g

7. Chevin Goat's Full Fat Cheese with Garlic & Herbs 100g /Plain Feta Cheese 100g (the budget-friendly alternative)

8. Almonds


Avocado Lemon Flavoured Oil



1. Roll the Chevin Goat's Cheese into small balls or if you are using feta crumble the feta.

2. Cut the radishes into thinly sliced disks

3. Dice the lettuce and rocket into smaller sections.

4. Halve the cherry tomatoes.

5. Mix all of the ingredients together in a salad bowl and top with some seasonal flowers.

6. Drizzle with avocado oil.

7. Enjoy!



I absolutely LOVE edible flowers. They make any salad beautiful.

Edible flowers you can use:

1. Pansy

2. Snapdragons

3. Rose petals

4. Mini Dianthus

5. Chamomile


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