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Bronwen from BH-Make-up Studio gives us some useful tips (also MUD distributor in the Free state and Northern Cape). She has done many weddings and have worked with various models.

Tips by Make-up Artist | Bronwen Hurndall

  1. Take care of your skin Visit your dermatolgist or beauty therapist at least 6 months before the wedding so that you can have a good skincare routine and might include monthly facials or peels.  this will ensure that your skin is ready for your big day.

  2. Stay Hydrated Try and drink water everyday, it is important for your nail health, glowing skin and hair.

  3. Make-Up Trial Try and do your make-up and hair trial on a day that you have your engagement shoot or another wedding to attend.  One can then see how your make-up will look on photos and you can let your make-up artist know what you would like to change or do differently on your wedding day. Your trial can be done at least 2 months before your wedding.

  4. Brow Shaping See your beautician at least 3 months before the time, this will give you time to grow out the spots and you can correct your shape.  Make sure your brows are then threaded/ waxed / shaped at least 2 days before the wedding.   Avoid doing it the night before because there is a potential of irritation to the skin.

  5. Let your make-up artist know beforehand or on the day of your trial if you will be having a spray tan or doing sunbed sessions.

  6. Confirm the schedule with your make-up artist a week before the time. 

  7. Try and at least get 8 hours of sleep in the night before your wedding so that you can wake up looking refreshed.

  8. Most importantly you must enjoy and cherish  each detail of your big day.

Bronwen Hurndall | | 081 595 5368



Meraci Expert tips:

During the photography schedule the aspect that can really influence the schedule is the make-up. It is very important that the bride communicate the schedule with the make-up artist well before the day of the wedding.

Here are some very useful tips:

1. Do: If you have more than 3 bridesmaids, do consider to get more than one make-up artist.

2. Don't: Never be the last on the schedule. I always recommend to the bride to be the second last person on the make-up schedule. If something happens and the make-up artist runs late, you will still be in the pictures. Most of the photos are taken of the bride.

3. Do: Start early. With my own wedding we started very early with the make-up and the rest of the day we could have fun. Being only made up right before the ceremony does put a lot of pressure on the bride.

4. Do: Invest in a spacious room to get ready in. The equipment of a make-up artist can be quite a lot of items, cases and brushes. Ensure that they have enough space to do their magic.

5. Photographers love lashes. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking close-ups of a good pair of luscious lashes. Invest in natural-looking lashes. They make a world of difference.

6. Do use a make-up artist who uses quality products. Quality make-up looks better on photos.


All the photos are taken by Meraci Photography. Remember to visit the website regularly to read more insightful blog posts. An informed bride is a happy bride. The website also lists the wedding photography packages available.

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